terça-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2011

"I'm young"

“NO, NO, NO! Today I don’t want to leave from my house. I don’t want to go to Church today! God understands me! He knows that I worked so much and hard this week and I’m so very tired now and I will not go to Church today, I didn't kill anyone! In a while I’ll leave with my “friend”, we will go to beach. Next week “if” I don’t work or do something else I can go to Church. I’m child of God too innit? I’m so tired!”
Unfortunately, this is what many youths  and much more have answered when someone is inviting them to go to Church in a Sunday Morning thinking that they will lose their youth because they are going to the Church or carrying the Bible. The fact is that many youths don’t want to have a real commitment with God! When a person doesn’t have a real commitment with God the disrespect and the lack of fear will be common in this person’s life and go or don’t go will not make any difference in her life. They don’t worry what the people will say and also what she’ll reap in their future. Many youths they say don’t have time to God or are so tired to go to Church in a Sunday Morning but when some of their “friends” invite them to go to the Party A or B, or this and that nightclub they don’t measure efforts to stay there to date and flirt many girls, they don’t want to know about Church, God, Bible because they are blind, spiritually speaking, because of this world’s things.
This is a great problem that many youths think. Because they are young and “have many things to enjoy” the fact to go to Church is for old people or square attitude. To be a Christian is not only to go to Church but is do give the entire life to the Lord Jesus forgetting and abandoning the old things, the bad friendship and evil ways. This is not easy but if you want to have a new life with new friends and new thoughts have sure that the Lord Jesus is your salvation and in Him you can find all your answers. Always remember: To be young is NEVER to leave of dream. But to be a Young of God you must deny yourself, your bad and old friendship and before today to follow the Steps of the Lord. Don’t think that to be a Young Christian is to abandon the things that you like to enjoy but you can’t forget: “Everything is permissible but neither everything is good.”

segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Second March against Crack in Bahia!

On this Saturday Morning (29/01/2011) was made a march against Crack in Pelourinho one of the most known Tourist Point in the State of Bahia, both nationally and internationally.

The youths were at the Universal Church in Aquidabã, place that was the starting point for this march.
In front of this march was the Pastor Adriano Lopes, the coordinator of the Project called Youth Group in Bahia’ State, who said to be very happy, because this campaign against Crack started here in Bahia’ State, and has spread throughout Brazil, having in view the need to combat this drug that is responsible for more that 80% of homicide in Bahia.
The first movement that we had against Crack was the I Evangelical Cup, in the year of 2010, that had as motto: Everybody against Crack!
And since then has not stopped! We had the march against Crack in Farol da Barra and now the march was in Pelourinho. And don’t stop over there. Soon we will have many movements against Crack
Crack remove this stone from your way!

Internet and the dangerous FACE OF THE EVIL

The internet is the fruit of the technology and has an important function in people’s life. There are those who say that internet is the pillar of the new World Economy. It’s unquestionable its importance to the new world and its billions of users who use the network to the practice of good things. Therefore, unfortunately, this same network hides a dangerous face of the evil. In the world of business happened greats achievements and facilities, and beyond the fast access to the information, greats executives lead offices in different places from the world without to live from the snugness of their home.
All this turn easy the life of the users, but neither everything that we see on the internet can be said as connected with the good, because also there are advantages turned to the evil. Pedophilia, adultery, crimes and steals are some of the bad practices in the evil side of the network. The latest is about online suicide. Youths talk with other users, time, day to die. The five minutes of fan value more than life. And the more striking is that million watch these collectives’ suicides.
Also the pornography, which before was accessible only for adults in dark stores, in sealed magazine to the majority, today is available of any single person who access the internet at 00:00am. However, the perils of the praised web can’t be rejected. The truth is that the success of the digital era it’s because of the machines that hide more than the identity; hide the fear and the insecurity of their users and become the perfect refuge the build of identities without defect.
It’s undeniable that the internet it’s a bridge of knowledge. But, when the curiosity of the man is sharpened, so face the same situation of Adam and Eve before the snake used the wrong fruit to corrupt the humanity. God had established the only rule to them remain into His Kingdom, don’t caring about the prohibition, they violated the Divine determination.
Today, the wrong fruits are in all parts, but are imperceptible. With only some clicks, where less we can imagine, the person already took first piece. It’s at this time that many users from the good inclined themselves to the evil and run the risk to lose their own soul.
Therefore, enjoy the good side of the internet, but don’t accept anything from evil’s face that can separate you from the Lord Jesus, as the apostle Paul said: All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not."  [I Corinthians 10;23]

God bless you!
 Bishop Macedo

Caption: Youth Group Presents
              The institutional work created to include the youths in the society and that is doing men and women capable to change the world. Education young people and work so hard to avoid the drugs. Bringing hope for those who live at the margins of society. Bring once again the smile of those who before only cried. Young Note 10. Educating and including youths into the new era. Preparing the youths to the University. Rescuing those who stopped in the middle of the way. Bring hope in form on food day and night a tireless work. Leading the needy to get their documents. We learned that is planting that we will reap. To have fun. (Visiting the Musem of Modern Art). Singing at the beach of Itapuã. And invest in sport... that is heath. One tireless fight against the social exclusion...Making of the culture a sport and the sport a way of socialization. A project created...a source of opportunities to dreams become reality. Because to be Young is never to stop dreaming and to make these dreams to become reality. (Night Vigil of the Heros) (Youth Frequency). All this to the smart young (Female Congress) that doesn't waste opportunity (Consacration) All this without forget of the spiritual life because what you are inside reflect what you are outside. This is our work. This is our essence...(Sunday's Meeting) and for you...WELCOME TO THE YOUTH GROUP BAHIA

The Supernatural Power of Faith

The faith that moves mountains

There are two kinds of faith: the natural and the supernatural. The natural faith comes from the birthplace and works inside of us, as the five natural feelings. The supernatural faith is different from that one. While the natural faith has its developments in a physical world, the supernatural faith only develops itself in a world totally spiritual through the knowledge of the Word of God. The supernatural faith is the only channel of communication between the physical world and spiritual world; between the human being and God.
In the Holy Scriptures we find out many examples of manifestation of supernatural faith, including your own definition that, according with the writer of Hebrews, it’s “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
The supernatural faith never will be explained through the logical or the reason, because it’s a gift of God. And the rules established by the physical laws are frontally against the rules that rule the laws of the faith; in other word, the supernatural faith is the more absolute assurance that God is real, that His Word is truly and that everything that He promised shall be fulfilled, even that seems to be late.
All the attitudes of the Lord Jesus, during His ministry here on earth, were the biggest expression of the supernatural faith. All His miracles, attitudes and teaching express of a way greatly the reality of faith.
It only born, grows and develops itself in the lives of those who have ears to hear the Word of God; this is the method that the Lord chose to reveal His will. Because of that, it’s very important that the people spend part of their times listening or meditating in the Word.
 When Peter said to the Lord Jesus that the fig-tree that he had cursed will dry up totally, so Christ answered them: “Have faith in God; For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass. (Mark 11.22-23)
This is the faith that the Lord exhorts us to have is the supernatural faith; the assurance of justification before God; the assurance of things that we don’t hope and the evidence of things not seen; the faith doesn’t works only to remove one mountain, but all the mountains of difficulties that come into the life of the faithful person. This is the quality of faith and the one that moved people as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Elijah and many others. This is the kind of faith that the Lord Jesus exhorts us to have.